Deduct deposits as a business expense
  Control the costs of your benefits with defined deposits
  Pay for healthcare expenditures with pre-tax dollars, allowing for significant savings
  Greater flexibility in spending from a broader list of eligible medical expenses
  No fees to establish an account!
  Dependants not restricted by age

Benecaid is a company focused on the delivery and administration of leading-edge health benefit solutions. Our innovative solutions deliver best-in-class benefit programs while managing the bottom line, and are designed to put the control of health benefit costs back into the hands of the employer. On average, our clients enjoy savings of between 20-30% over traditional health insurance.

Benecaid’s key competitive advantages are our ability to understand our clients, their plan, the needs of their employees, and the principles of cost-containment. In order to help our clients understand their plan and make smarter decisions, Benecaid offers the most detailed reporting available in the industry. Our complimentary detailed reporting service allows our clients to truly understand their benefit plan performance and ensure continuous improvement over the long-term.

With over 8,000 clients, Benecaid is one of the fastest growing administrators of employee health benefit plans in Canada.

Save up to 35% versus out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Sign up to have one of our representatives show you how.


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Benecaid packages and delivers innovative health benefit solutions for self-employed individuals and medium sized businesses. We focus on packaging and managing health benefits providing cost-containment, superior service, and greater coverage choice for our clients. As a result, our clients obtain a greater level of appreciation for their health benefits program from their employees.

Tax Advantages
Full amount of the deposit can be deducted as a business expense for the employer. Account is a not-taxable benefit for the recipient.


Greater Flexibility
A wider range of eligible expenses and coverage versus traditional insurance.


Financial Control
You decide the amount you want to contribute each year. Never worry about increased premiums or the impact of making a claim!

No Waste!
Unused funds can roll-over to pay for claims in following years. You can choose how to fund the account; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually– how convenient!
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