In difficult economic times, your employees and key staff-members become your most valuable asset. You may already have a Group Benefit Plan, but are you getting the most out of that investment?
With a Benecaid Health Spending Account (tm), your employees can spend what they want, when they want. They can even carry over unused dollars from year to year!

Times have changed. So should your health benefits plan.

Employees spend on anything they want – not what the plan dictates
Pre-Tax spending account offers the most impact
Pay only for services employees value
Save up to 35% versus out-of-pocket healthcare expenses
Dependants not restricted by age   

The Challenge with Traditional Group Benefit Plans

A traditional benefit plan is like a credit card where your employees never have to pay the bill. They don’t know what they spend, and they don’t appreciate what you as an employer pay for it. A Health Spending Account is tax-free cash where every dollar is used when and where your employees want. They know exactly what they spent, and how far it goes, so they can place a real value on the benefits you’re providing.

The HSA Advantage

How happy would your employees be if you told them their benefits package covers?

  Fertility treatment
  Laser Hair Removal
  Botox Treatments
  Plastic Surgery
  Cosmetic Dentistry
  Elderly Parent Care
  Laser Eye Surgery
  Plus dozens of other services not covered by traditional plans.
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Before Benecaid, I was with Manulife. Each year my premiums would increase as well as my employee's complaints on plan restrictions. I switched to Benecaid's Health Spending Account six years ago. My employees think it’s great and my cost has never increased.

John Sardeletti, President, Hudco Electric


Using a Benecaid Health Spending Account to pay for our family’s healthcare needs has been advantageous in a multitude of ways. As a family solely reliant on self-employment, being able to convert 100% of our medical costs into business deductions is a real plus. The HSA enables us to be more effective in saving for extraordinary medical costs through regular, monthly contributions into our account. Knowing that we are accumulating money each month to pay for these costs gives us great peace of mind and is one less thing to juggle in our busy lives. You could say it takes some of the ‘sting’ out of our big expenditures like specialized schooling and dietary supplements for our children with special needs.

Carolyn Plummer- Benecaid client since 2007

Benecaid packages and delivers innovative health benefit solutions for self-employed individuals and medium sized businesses. We focus on packaging and managing health benefits providing cost-containment, superior service, and greater coverage choice for our clients. As a result, our clients obtain a greater level of appreciation for their health benefits program from their employees.

Tax Advantages
Full amount of the deposit can be deducted as a business expense for the employer. Account is a not-taxable benefit for the recipient.


Greater Flexibility
A wider range of eligible expenses and coverage versus traditional insurance.


Financial Control
You decide the amount you want to contribute each year. Never worry about increased premiums or the impact of making a claim!

No Waste!
Unused funds can roll-over to pay for claims in following years. You can choose how to fund the account; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually– how convenient!
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